Monday, July 11, 2011


Our extended family of Blackfeather and Blackbeauty have brought their newly fledged children to our woods!  

Blackfeather and Blackbeauty

We have been feeding this pair of ravens for about 12 years!  At Christmas, years ago, we put a turkey carcass out in the snow of our backyard to feed the birds.  Soon Blackfeather and his wife swooped in and worked together devouring the meat off the carcass,  One raven would hold the carcass while the other picked and pulled the meat from the bones.  Of course they got a bit greasing doing this so they waddled up to the top of the small hill in our yard.  They then lay down and rolled down the hill in the snow.  After rolling in the snow three times they cuddled in the sunlight with their necks intertwined.   Ever since then we have put out chicken eggs, scraps, and any treats we have for them to eat.  They come every day and sit in our trees croaking or cawing until we come out and feed them!   If they are not waiting when we put out the food a few human "caw, caw, caws" will bring them in.  These guys are smart and efficient.  If they find a bunch of crackers scattered on the grass they will carefully stack them up so they can carry a large beakful off to their stash.   If Blackfeather finds two donuts he puts his beak through the doughnut hole of one and clamps down on the second one so he can fly away - at max gross weight- hauling both doughnuts.

The Juvies; Larry, Curly, Mo and Maureen
We have been privileged and proud that our friends bring their children to our woods every June.  These guys are real terrors as they are just learning to find food and live outside the nest.  This year Larry, Curly, Mo and Maureen grace us with their raucous squawking as they buzz around the edge of our yard and woods.  They are always under the watchful eyes of Blackfeather and Blackbeauty who croak and caw to them as they try to keep them under control.  The dignified manner of the parents is strikingly contrasted to the wild "teenagers".

Here at Molly Supple House we are blessed by many wild creatures who must know this is a safe place where they are loved.  They must know their visits are more welcome than visits from the human species.

We have had visits from Cowinkle the Moose and her Baby,  Cubby and her two cubs, countless deer and fawns,  Tom Turkey with his harem of hens, and visits from Woodsy the Owl are common.  Of course, those masked marauders of the night, Raccoons stop by with their young as do the Hummers who return every year on May 5th! Susan even saw a catamount one afternoon several years ago.

Tom and one of his harem

Woodsy Owl

Cubby and her two yearling cubs



  1. Ravens, barred owls, turkey, bears, deer . . . who has better neighbors? I am delighted you hated the houses near the lake. You have it so-o good.

  2. This is really fascinating, Hale. Aren't you and Susan privileged?!!