Saturday, May 21, 2011


Terry Irwin at the helm of the old Tun Tavern
Here in Vermont it has been snowing or raining  for over forty days and forty nights.   Lake Champlain has risen to its highest level in known history.  Rivers are swollen.  People are desperate for sunshine and a major dry out.

Old Tun Tavern
We have not built an ark but are very excited by our new boat which is approaching completion in a shop in California.  We are expecting delivery within weeks!

The new boat is a Montgomery-15 built by Bob Eeg.  This will be a beautiful day sailor which will provide our need to be on the water.  We have missed sailing; the peace, the changeability of the weather and water, the wildlife,  since we sold our Pearson-27 about five years ago.    Thanks to Bob's flexibility and beautiful work the boat will be built to many of our specifications.   The small size belies the seaworthiness of this craft which has actually sailed from California to Hawaii.  Because it will live on a trailer the horizons are wide open to us.  We can sail it in our old sailing grounds, Lake Champlain, on smaller lakes in Vermont, or trailer it to the coast of Maine or maybe the Florida Keys in the winter!  Captain Hale and First Mate Susan decided to keep the name of our previous boat as a tribute to the Corps.  The US Marine Corps was formed in the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia in 1775.

These pictures show the new TUN TAVERN under construction beneath the hands of the craftsmen at Montgomery Boats.  We can't wait to post pictures of her unloading and first launch!

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