Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today is Mothers Day. Twenty- five years ago today was the last time I saw my Mom and said good-bye to her.  She died of Cancer two days later at the age of 65!  Mom was probably the most loved and respected person I have ever known.  Near the end she was living in Middlebury and came to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Hanover to have radiation and chemo therapy treatments.  She would take the bus to White River where I would meet her and take her to our house or to her brothers house in Hanover.  One day the bus driver who had gotten to know Jo on various trips came over to me and told me, "your Mom is the finest person I have ever known".  He had seen her interact with numerous passengers over the months.  She never complained about her illness but became concerned and a good friend to all she met. I learned later that she had met a young woman on the bus and learned that she was having major financial difficulties.  Several weeks later Mom sent her a check to help her out!

When we were all a lot younger and I was in Junior High in Washington, Mom taught high School English at Woodrow Wilson High School.  I remember her getting calls late into the evenings from her inspired students about their assignments and from distraught kids looking for advice or a sympathetic ear from someone who truly cared.

I can not tell all the stories by which I remember my mother but I must say I truly miss her.  She died to soon.
The world was a much better place thanks to her.  Mom, Happy Mothers Day!

Hale, Mom, Terry 1950?
Mom, Maude, Hale  1955?

Mom with kids, spouses and all her grand children

My son Jeff with his Grandma Jo at Christmas sometime in the early 80s

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